Kanye West's legal troubles remain unabated.

Kanye West’s legal troubles remain unabated.

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Kanye West’s legal troubles remain unabated.

Scores of the lawsuit are not making Kanye West any rest as a former employee also sued the Yeezy mogul for breach of contract.

The former Yeezy staffer sued the Grammy winner for a hefty $275,000 due to breach of contract, as per TMZ.

The suer, Dora Szilagyi, alleges she was hired in June 2021 as Director of Product Innovation for Yeezy.

But, Ye sought her for his company and asked her to resign from Adidas, including promising a $275,000 severance package in case she would be fired without cause after September 2021, she claimed.

Later, she was fired in December 2021, and Szilagyi alleges she did not receive the agreed severance payment.

“Dora says she doesn’t believe Kanye or his company ever intended to follow through on the severance package and only dangled it to lure her from Adidas,” the gossip outlet reports.Kanye West's legal troubles remain unabated.

Previously, an Australian federal court dismissed West’s lawsuit against an Australian burger bar.

Last October, the embattled rapper filed a lawsuit alleging that his 2004 album debut’s name, The College Dropout, was used without his permission by the Victoria burger joint College Dropout Burgers.

Further, the rapper claimed the burger joint used misleading branding to associate with the star and his brand.

However, according to the Herald Sun, the Federal Court of Australia in Melbourne turned down the West case.

The restaurant’s owner, Mark Elkhouri’s lawyers, argued that Ye had not responded to them on several instances and had “no genuine interest in this proceeding.”

Justice Shaun McElwaine noted that West had “commenced proceedings with all guns blazing” only not to take a “step thereafter.”

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